F-Call PRO


Your best application for call filtering for Ubuntu Touch phone.


Available for UBports supporting 15.04 and 16.04 Ubuntu:


Main Features:

  1. Block unwanted callers.
  2. Receive calls only from selected people.


Advanced Features:

  1. Add contacts to black or white lists directly from three different sources: system phonebook,call logs or manually.
  2. Set of  two blacklists and three whitelists can be used; each of this list can be independently enabled or disabled and customised. This is available for dealing with different situation we can encounter such as different list for home, work, travel for instance.
  3. Dedicated switch to block all incoming calls. Don't be bothered by incoming calls. No need anymore to switch your phone off.

Price: 10.00 €

To purchase F-Call PRO send the email to fcall.dev@gmail.com along with any of the two IMEIs of the phone (IMEI of phone is shown in Settings > About this phone).
(why is IMEI asked? read in FAQ section)



Video (demo)


  1. Ubuntu Touch(UBports) phone.

Post-install Instructions

  1. Run the application and go to Settings menu to enable services, PASSCODE of phone will be required to establish services.(Passcode for phone may be changed any time later).
  2. Restart phone.


Q1: Will it also block SMS?
A1: No.

Q2: Why is IMEI asked?
A2: IMEI serves as your authorization key, IMEI of your phone is already known to an application running on phone as part of hardware info, IMEI given by user is matched with IMEI of phone to confirm user identity, this is done to make sure application is not copied or duplicated.

Q3: I have more queries, how to contact you?
A3: fcall.dev@gmail.com

  1. Add multiple contacts manually in one go.
  2. Select and import contacts from system phonebook directly.
  3. select and import contacts from logs of recent calls directly.
  4. Option to block numbers beginning with numbers and(or) ending with certain numbers or combination of both.
  5. Option to block callers not in system phonebook.

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Download F-Call Rev 3

F-Call ver 0.1 3rd revision
Revision 3 offers OTA 9+ compatibility , better user interface , smoother experience and minor bugs solved.

Support our development activity with donations to complete this project which includes adding more features and functions.
Feedbacks/queries may be sent to fcall.dev@gmail.com.


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  2. Have been waiting for this software for long time!

  3. I'm using F-Call Pro on my Pro 5 with Ubuntu Touch 16.04.
    I can say the app works verry nice, if you need something to block an incomming call i can only F-Call Pro is the way to go.


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